The crochet braid hairstyle has grown in popularity over the years and it is easy to see why. This innovative protective style is easy to install, remove and maintain. But with popularity comes a spoil of choice. With so many crochet braid styles out there, how do you choose the best for you?

For every woman, the usual hairstyles get boring over time and something stress-free and simple become appealing. This is what every type of crochet braid gives you – elegance, simplicity and beauty.

Protective styles keep getting better and you can’t keep ignoring crochet hairstyles. You have nothing to lose really. These cute hairstyles will definitely enhance your beauty. It doesn’t even matter if you rock natural or relaxed hair, crochet hair is for everyone.

This braided hairstyle come in various pre-styled options, thicknesses and textures. This variety allows you to experiment with and decide your next looks.

Best Crochet Hairstyles of the moment

1.    Beach Curls Crochet

Beach Curls Crochet Hairstyle

                                              Beach Curls

Curly hair can be extremely flattering and can give you a soft look. Let those loose curls fall around your face and the long beach curls graze your shoulder.


2.    Fairy Butterfly Locs

Fairy Butterfly Locs

                          Fairy Butterfly Locs

Faux Locs help give your appearance an edge and are faster to install than traditional locs. Crochet Faux Locs are soft-textured, long-lasting and very distressed. Its medium-sized, messy and textured look adds a bit of bohemian elegance. It is also not heavy to avoid tension with your scalp and prevent hair breakage.


3.    Jumbo Butterfly Locs

Ivy Jumbo Butterfly Locs

                         Ivy Jumbo Butterfly Locs

Add a bit of dramatic flair to your features with some bold Locs. You can style the hair in an updo or leave it in a naturally sleek and structured position. It can be styled in short or long locs.


4.    Side Cornrows And Wavy Crochet

Lolah natural waves - side cornrows And wavy crochet

Lolah Natural Wave

Photo credit @BraidsJunkie on IG

Get that chic and cute look with natural-looking wavy curls. It can be made in curly crochet or braids.

Styled into an updo or paired with Fulani braids, this curly crochet looks good however you style it.

                           Curly Braids

Lolah Natural Waves

The ripple wavy curls are separable and can be used as a braiding extension or crochet braids. The loose curls can be styled with side braids to show off your best angle.


5.    Afro Crochet Braids

Qeemah Afro Kinky Crochet

                                  Qeemah afro kinky 

Turn heads with these kinky curl crochet braids. Use a two-tone color to give a classy look and these separable curls will ensure you stand out wherever you are. You can style these flexible natural curls in different ways.


6.    Spring Curls With Side Cornrows

Side Cornrows And Wavy Crochet

                                       Spring Curls

Get that youthful appearance with the versatile and adaptable tight curls of the Spring Curls. You can style it in different ways but it’s a winner when styled with side braids for natural-looking crochet braids. You can also go big by styling as a crochet curly afro which can be achieved by separating the curls.


7.    Bouncy Crochet Curls

Vera Bounce Crochet Braids

Vera Bounce

                             Photo credit @Braidsby_Veronica on IG

Spice up your look with just the right amount of bouncy curls so you do not have to worry about volume. This help create a voluminous and super-flattering finish. This bounce curly crochet is next level fabulous.


8.    Fulani Braids

Lolah Natural Waves Fulani Braids

                           Lolah Natural waves

Let your beauty pop with this stunning blend of Fulani braids and crochet hair. The contrast between both looks gives a unique appearance. You can style this in different ways but Fulani braids and wavy curls surely step up your look.  It can also be extra by adding beautiful beaded jewellery to the braids.

9.    Half Up Half Down Crochet Style

Half Up Half Down Crochet Style

                                 Vera Bounce

Stylish updos give a relaxed appearance. Half-up, half-down crochet style is a simple way of flattering your looks. Soften your facial features by letting a few strands loose around your face. Add more beauty by adding beautiful beaded jewellery to those strands.

10.  Passion Twists with Stitch Braids

Passion Twists with Side Stitch

  Passion Spring Twists

Passion twists are one of the most popular and modern protective hairstyles in the world. Thanks to its more boho and artistic features. It can be made in various lengths, thicknesses and even styled with various cornrows. Installing through the crochet method negates the long hours needed to make passion twists. This is a new way to wear these two-strand twists.



How Are Crochet Braids Installed?

Installing crochet braids is easy and fast. The first step is forming the foundation by braiding cornrows. After which the faux hair extensions are looped through your hair using a crochet needle. Your hairstyle can be styled in various ways and ultimately depends on your preference.

You can experiment with different styling options from long crochet hairstyle, going short, full-bodied curls to even cute bouncy curls. You can beautify it through hair accessories like hair strings and jewellery.

Crochet hair can also be paired with hairstyles like cornrows, Bantu knots, Fulani braids and more.

How Long Can Crochet Braids Last?

Well-maintained curly crochet hair can last between 5-8 weeks or more depending on maintenance. For more longevity opt for our curly crochet braids that do not require separation.

Crochet braids/twists and butterfly locs can last up to 2-3 months. However, it is important not to wear your hair for too long at a stretch as it may start causing damage to your hair underneath.  We advise that you wear it for some weeks, let your hair breathe and you can reuse it.

How to Care For Your Hair Before Using Crochet Hairstyles

It is important to wash your hair before installing crochet braids. You have to make sure your hair is well moisturized and conditioned.

How to Care For Your Hair When Using Crochet Hairstyles

To get the best-refreshed look out of your natural hair while wearing crochet braids, you need to ensure that you moisturize your scalp frequently using a leave-in conditioner spray. You can also apply any natural oil of choice to your scalp. This is done to ensure your scalp doesn’t dry out. This can be done to natural or relaxed hair.