Though it’s growing in popularity, many people still wonder what Surban wigs are. Surban wigs are a new type of ready to wear turban and scarf wigs that have taken the world by storm. This easy-to-wear wig is made with materials resembling a scarf or turban. This convenient and comfortable wig style is lighter than a braid wig while maintaining its natural hair appearance. That’s the cool part.

Surban wigs are championed by Blvckhair NG, as it was first created around 2020 by the founder, Mallami Adeseun, The creation arose out of a need to create a quick and stylish hair fix accessible to various demography of people. Surban wigs can be worn by virtually everyone.

One of the many benefits of turban wigs is that you don’t have to be a pro at applying wigs to wear one. You simply pick it up and wear it. It also looks more natural than regular wigs.

blckhair surban-scarf-turban wig

Surban wigs can save you from bad hair days while keeping you stylish. Turban wigs are created with crochet, braids, locs and more, so you do not miss out on your favourite protective crochet hairstyle.

Scarf wigs keep up with fashion trends so you do not have to worry about style. It removes the hassle of sitting in a salon for long hours of styling. With this amazing hair, you can have your preferred hairstyle attached to a scarf or turban. Easy as you like.

Scarf wigs are very similar to cap wigs, hat wigs and headband wigs. The only difference really is the style and production.

If you need a break from regularly styling your hair or wearing full wigs, you need to get a surban wig. Today!

Why You Should Wear a Surban (turban and scarf) Wig

No doubt the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown period brought about the necessity and popularity of headband wigs. But the wig style and its variants have done amazingly well ever since. And it is a true wardrobe essential for just about every woman.

These are the reasons why you should buy and wear a Surban wig.

1.    Comfortable Reigns Supreme

Turban wigs are a big win for people with scalp sensitivity. If you can’t wear braid wigs for a long period because of heat or weight, this amazing wig type is a great choice. Scarf wigs are extremely comfortable, help your hair breathe and are super light. This comfort is also a result of fewer hair wefts used in the production and the absence of stressful styling as compared to other regular wigs. Surban wigs can also be a great choice for women undergoing chemotherapy.

2.      Hair Protective Hairstyle

Scarf wigs are secure and designed to protect your natural hair. You do not need to add glues or adhesives to your edges or hairline. If you are experiencing hair loss or scalp sensitivity, look no further than Surban wigs. You need to style your hair less. You can remove scarf wigs anytime you want so your hair breathes more.

amy surban-scarf wig

3.    Has Less Volume

Scarfs, turbans, caps, hats and even headbands naturally hide hair volume. Your hair looks less bulky if you wear any of the aforementioned. The same concept applies to Surban wigs. It requires less hair volume to make. As such it is quite lightweight and comfortable. You do not have to worry about heat. The less volume also allows the scarf, cap or turban to sit firmly on the head so you do not have to worry about it sliding back.

4.    Gives You Freedom and versatility

The fact that you do not have to sit long hours in a salon near you is already a win, especially for busy ladies with tight schedules. It also removes the distraction of having to style your hair or constantly thinking about the best hairstyle to do next. Surban wigs and crochet also require less styling and maintenance. It removes ‘hair worry’ from your daily schedule really.

5.    Less Expensive

Wigs are generally always expensive and not affordable for most. That is another benefit of the Surban wigs as crochet is a relatively cheaper and more durable option than normal wigs. Scarf wigs don’t have much volume, as such it requires fewer hair wefts to make. The more affordable prices make it easier to buy as many as you like. Isn’t that every girl’s dream?

6.    Long-lasting

Any hair of good quality that is well taken care of can last a long time. The same is true for scarf wigs. Surban wigs can last for years as you don’t have to worry about the lace of your wig spoiling.

 Under appropriate use and storage, it should last between 18 months - 2 years. With optimized use, it will definitely last longer than 2 years.

 Nora Surban-scarf Wig

How To Maintain Surban (Scarf and Turban) Wigs

There are several ways to care for your Surban wigs. One of the most common questions we get is if scarf wigs are washable. Yes, Surban wigs are washable.

How do you wash it? Wash the scarf material like you would any other scarf; with mild detergent and dry.

We have a well-curated DIY video of how to maintain your scarf – turban wigs hairstyle.


In Conclusion

Surban wigs make it easy to try out different wig styles without having to worry about a budget. It also comes in various creative styles so you can look different to every occasion. Surban wigs ensure you make a fashion statement without too much worry.

When you get tired of it as is normal with any hairstyle, you simply have to remove it. Like a normal wig, bye to spending hours loosening your hair.

If you are looking to try out our Surban Wigs? You can go through our Collection to find the perfect match for you.

We also have an arsenal of beautiful headband wigs collections you need to see.

Don’t worry, we have just about different styles for everybody.